It all started in the morning from the bus park in the University of Uyo town campus where Engineering and Science students are usually conveyed to the permanent site region of Uniuyo.

And Science students had just been moved to the permanent site region of uniuyo… Means of transportation became a problem because initially it used to be only Engineering students at permanent site.

And moreover, mma ekpo had levied the students on payment of 200 naira for transportation to & fro town campus to permanent site of Uniuyo, I’d like to point out here that this bus has been free because it was given by the FG. That was part of the reasons for the protest.

At the bus park that morning, engineering students complained that science students were much and they needed extra buses.

That is where the peaceful protest but later turned riot began… They approached the VC but no positive result came out.

A student suggested that since they were not going to have any classes today they must stop every other class on campus.

Let me insert here part of the reason for the protest. Some complained that the GST fee (two thousand naira) was too much. So other faculty students joined the protest.

They went into classes sent away all the lecturers and sent other students out too. It was becoming slightly violent until the police arrived. Who called the police?? I don’t know. The police who were supposed to come and calm the situation fired shots at the students and killed three innocent students. Big stones and tear-gas began to fly everywhere, the whole school went into a great pandemonium.

In the process 3 students were killed by the police, one that I’m sure of is by name Kingsley a 200 level student of the department of zoology… That is where the last straw was broken.

Students went on rampage, burnt down the VC’s office, exams and records unit, the Registrar’s office, the bursary unit, the portal, the school’s main gate and a hostel. The rampage went on for hours and as at now, I heard the school has been closed down till further notice. That’s all!


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