Romans 12:1 “I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship.”

You know that feeling you get when someone litters your house and makes it very uncomfortable for you to dwell in? Yeah, that is exactly how God feels about your body, His Temple and dwelling place… 

Only a dirty individual would take the above statement with levity. God is like clean water that needs to be filled in a clean cup or any other container before it is fit for consumption. If the container is dirty/filthy and unfit to be filled with clean water, it will be discarded. If our body (His temple) is dirty/filthy and unfit to be filled with the Spirit of God, we shall be discarded. 

Presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice…

One of the things we can do for God in gratitude for the things He has done for us is “presenting our bodies as a living sacrifice…” When Jesus came, He simplified everything and replaced the blood of animals with His own blood by dying on the cross of Calvary. Because He took the wages of our sins to the cross, we now live free from the wages of our sins. Jesus became “a dead sacrifice” that we may become “a living sacrifice.” Don’t abuse that Grace!

Holy and acceptable to God…

If as humans we are too conscious of the kind of gifts we get from people, how much more God, our Holy and mighty Father! I wonder how many of us would receive dirty things as gifts from people. If we don’t, why should God who created us? If our sacrifice (our body) is piled up with dirt/filths, God will never receive it for light and darkness has nothing in common. The same way we cannot live in a filthy room is the same way God cannot live in a filthy body (His temple). Sometimes we have piles of dirt/filths lined right from the door post of our hearts. From where will the Spirit of God enter our hearts and begin to function? Remove the filthy impediments from your door post so your guest can enter in. A heart that is bankrupt of the Word is the perfect habitat of demons.

“…which is your spiritual worship…?”

For total worship to happen, the physical and the spiritual aspect of it must be unified. What proceeds from our mouths must be in consonance with what is lingering in our hearts. We can’t confess our love for God with our mouths and turn around to build mansions for the devil in our hearts. Our worship can only be complete when we, living sacrifices are holy and acceptable to God our maker. Because He is holy, we too must be holy. He abides in us if we abide in Him. 

To conclude, our bodies are God’s living sacrifices, He delights in our spiritual worship if we present it holy and make it acceptable unto Him. Take it and believe it that the way we live our lives either honours (worships) God or dishonours Him. From our lives, we tell God that we worship Him for making us in His likeness. Remember, Holy and Holy is compatible, but Holy and filthy is super-incompatible. May God help us in Jesus name! Amen!!

Anyanime Williams


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