What’s in Your Hand?


Feeling uncomfortably hot in the heat of the Sinai desert, Moses is engaged in a pity party. “I can’t do what You want, Lord, because of this excuse and that excuse. People won’t accept me. I’m a stutterer. Let another person do it.”

Arguing with God is never a good idea. You can never win. Even if you say “No” (and God may let you), you still lose. When you say “no” or “I can’t,” you miss out on the great adventure God has for you when you’re in the centre of His will for your life. But what is that will?

In the barren wastes of the Sinai, God asks Moses a simple question: “What’s in your hand?” Moses is a shepherd. That’s all he’s done for 40 years, and he’s ready to retire at age 80. “What’s in your hand, Moses?”

Moses looks at his hand. “A staff,” he tells God — as if God didn’t know!

The Lord says, “Throw it on the ground.” Moses does so, and it becomes a snake. God tells him to pick it up by the tail and it  turns back into a staff. Hmmm. Over the next 40 years of Moses’ life, God uses that simple wooden stick to deliver the Israelites from Pharaoh, to open the Red Sea, to win a battle with the Amalekites, to bring water from a rock.

Who would have thought?

As Moses learns to use in faith what God has put in his hand, his life is changed — as well as the course of world history.

I am now asking you: What has God put in your hand? Do you wonder how God might use you? See what He has given you. God equips people in various ways. I’m good with my hands, you might say. Another might respond, I can help a group get things done. I like to cook. I have the gift of gab. I like to keep things tidy. And so on.

Offer to God in faith what He has given you, no matter how small or simple, and God will use it — sometimes supernaturally — to do His work. God uses the little to accomplish the mighty… He used David to kill Goliath, He used four Lepers to fight against the Syrians, with just five loaves of bread and two fishes He fed over 5,000… You’ll have a new sense of meaning, since you’ll begin to realize how God is using simple things in new and wonderful ways.

When Jesus sees a hungry crowd He says to His disciples: “You feed them.” They are stunned by the magnitude of the need. So Jesus brings it down to their level. “Okay, Andrew, do a little inventory/ feasibility study. Find out what food we have on hand.” Andrew checks around. “There’s a boy here with five loaves and two fishes. So what?” Jesus ignores his unbelief. He takes the bread and the fish, lifts them to God in thanksgiving, and then begins to distribute them to the people until all 5,000 plus women and children have been fed. The Bible also tells us that there were 12 baskets of leftovers.

That’s how God’s work gets done. By weak people doing an inventory, then offering to Jesus what they find.

God has a world to save. You’re just one person. What difference can you make? I encourage you to do this simple inventory — count up your blessings, see what God has given you. That way, when God asks you, “What’s that in your hand?” You’ll be able to tell Him — and then you can let Him use the gift / skill / resource / interest / relationship / opportunity to His glory.

Once again. What’s in your hand?


One response to “What’s in Your Hand?

  • Asanda Pam Jika

    My Father in Heaven! Jesus takes the little that was supplied to the boy for a special purpose in revelation of God’s greatness and ability to make a way where there seems to be absolutely no way – lifts it up to God in THANKSGIVING (showing us exactly what to do ALWAYS) and God proves Himself once again to be Jehovah Jaira, the Lord the Provider, and multiplies the little that was presented to Him. What’s amazing in all this is that we are shown here that when we offer to God our “LITTLE” He supplies to us in ABUNDANCE!


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